​provides a teacher-supervised, safe place for children to enjoy running, jumping, climbing and participating in age- appropriate exercise and activities.



​prepares children for success in later school years.  It includes stories, songs, poems, finger plays, math concepts, letter concepts, science and cooking experiences, games, creative movement, and calendar. 

​​​1 Year Olds to 5 Year Olds

for children who attend on a full-day basis is a period of 1 1/2-2 hours.  Although many children don't seem to need a nap at home, the group stimulation with planned activities is more tiring to a child.  Teachers provide stories and play music while  children rest quietly or sleep.​

​are provided in the morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday.



​3737 1st Street NE  St Petersburg FL  33704  (727) 823-5252


​encourages personal responsibility and team work.  All children are encouraged to clean up and put away art materials, toys, dress-up clothes, books, etc.

is provided Monday through Thursday.  Friday is Healthy Lunch Box Day.  Children who do not bring a lunch that day will be provided one for $5.  Menus are nutritious but child-friendly, and children are encouraged to try new foods.  A student food allergy list is posted in each classroom, in the kitchen and lunchroom.​


​help develop self-control, decision-making and problem solving skills. cooperation and communication, while children are learning to follow rules and to share.  Free play experiences include manipulative toys, easel painting, block building, house keeping, dramatic play, science, arts and crafts, and storybooks.